Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Why Should Vape Shops Fall Under The Essential Category?

What Do You Mean By Essential Services?

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has caused various businesses to pull down the shutters on their operation. However, the ones earmarked as essential services have been functioning in this crisis scenario. No clear definition is available on essential services and this has caused various companies to enlist their services as one. This has received a lot of criticism from retailers who had ceased operation to stop Covid-19 spread.

Some of the services which are considered as essential services are the armed forces, healthcare, utility services, firefighting, police, grocery stores, transportation and logistics, media and gas stations. In absence of any proper definition, the inclusion of various services under the essential category had been solely resting on the discretion of state and local authorities.

A definition of essential service has been laid out by the United Nations’ International Labor Office (ILO). However, the definition is open to interpretation as it remains unclear till date. As per the UN ILO, “What is meant by essential services in the strict sense of the term depends to a large extent on the particular circumstances prevailing in a country. Moreover, this concept is not absolute, in the sense that a non-essential service may become essential if a strike lasts beyond a certain time or extends beyond a certain scope, thus endangering the life, personal safety or health of the whole or part of the population.”

Should Vape Shops Fall Under Essential Service Category?

Vaping in general had been the toast of the media before Covid-19 took the stage by storm. This is considered to be the biggest pandemic which has affected the human population since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. As per the ILO, certain services might be considered essential for protecting the health and personal safety of a certain segment of the population in particular situations.

Vape shops act as the access points for various alternative nicotine products. The demand for these products shall remain even in the face of a pandemic like Covid-19. Vaping is considered to be a harm reduction method as it keeps vapers from sliding back to their normal tobacco ways. This is why the vape shops need to be kept open for keeping people safe from tobacco use amidst the Covid-19 spread. Some of the businesses are even offering curbside delivery or pickup of their products and services. This can help vape businesses operate in your locality if the same is legally possible amidst the global lockdown.