Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Vape Shops Fighting The Restrictions On COVID-19

It has been a topic of discussion among the team members of whether the products offered by vape shops should come under essential services. During this time, when the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, several businesses have been shut down whereas those companies that render essential services are still open. You will be amazed to know that a vape shop in San Antonio has fought and sued the city to keep its business running during this pandemic. It not only filed a restraining order against the city but also sued it for $100,000.

Mega Vapes is renowned for selling a variety of vape products along with CBD electronics. They have taken the legal course during the COVID-19 shutdown to stay in business. According to the executive orders of Governor Greg Abbott, it is crucial that Mega Vapes remain in business and this is applicable state wise which means it substitutes the local laws of San Antonio city. The business went ahead to claim that the Certificate of Occupancy was revoked by the state on a whim during the lockdown.

According to the lawsuit filed by Mega Vapes, the city didn’t stop after the Certificate of Occupancy order was revoked. It also threatened to disconnect electricity, gas, utilities, and water – all of which were claimed as the risk of life. The city cited the business on the first, third, fourth, and sixth of April. Mega Vapes has made it clear how the lawsuit is forcing them along with other similar businesses to stop operating which will cause them to go out of business. They said, ” The harm that this lawsuit will cause in case a restraining order isn’t granted will be beyond repair. The plaintiff will not only fail to operate its regular course of business but also go out of business. Its chances of repositioning in the market will be nil especially when businesses of similar nature are still operating.”

What Does This Imply For Vape Shops?

It isn’t uncommon that the state laws and local laws clash against one another, occasionally. But, in the case of an emergency like the coronavirus outbreak state laws will always precede over the local laws. If state and local laws permit it then vape shops should be in business and carry on with its delivery and curbside pickup like other businesses. It isn’t a bad idea for vape shops to follow the lead of Mega Vapes and assert how crucial their business is during this time.

The debate of what deems essential and what isn’t will continue during this pandemic. Both liquor and cigarettes are being sold at convenience and grocery stores. The state of Florida considers professional wrestling to be an essential form of business. Vape shops are more than often the only source for an alternative nicotine product. It is during such troubled times that the need for a substitute nicotine product has risen.