Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Truth Initiative has a lot of Hidden behind the Dangerous Stunt Promo!

Truth Initiative is America’s largest non-profit public health organization dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past. The Truth Initiative is an organization that opposes the idea of vaping. In recent times they have been running anti-nicotine ads on TV. Basically, their ads are anti-JUUL, it is assumed they do not like JUUL and hence they target them to promote their idea of vape free society. The latest video by Truth saw some metal demons ranting about nicotine. The video received criticism for being embarrassing and having immature content.

The American organization is willing to put millions of dollars to spread hate for vape, but it doesn’t look like they are going the right way. The media geniuses are expected to do whatever it takes to eradicate tobacco.

Recently they have been using the media to promote their idea, especially social media. The Chinese media program TikTok is used to spread the #ditchjuul movement. Influencers on the media platform are encouraged to make videos which depict rejection of JUUL. Although TikTok itself is facing a ban in the U.S for the forces due to its security issues and a potential threat to national security. Even after using the youth to promote the anti-JUUL hashtag, it looks a bit risky looking at the type of videos shared.

The videos shared on the social media platform recently saw some young people doing risky stunts. Stunts such as jumping on top of JUUL’s, dragging them behind a car, burying and burning the JUUL products too were recorded for the video.

Little do they know that this is a very risky way to handle JUUL, the consequences could be perilous. Breaking of battery cells could lead to thermal damage. This could happen when you jump on an e-cigarette, throw it on concrete, drag it behind a car, or fly it through the air with a hot-air balloon. All these activities were shown on the promotional videos of Truth.

The video also showed people, submerging the lithium battery in water and orange juice. Suppose if the device was damaged while dragging it or throwing it on concrete, its contact with liquid could lead to an explosion. Although these are all technical things but ignoring them is just not acceptable as it could be life taking. Truth doesn’t look much concerned about safety as such dangerous stunts are promoted by them.

Despite warning about vape explosion on their website they ignored the safety measures. The truth has already blamed JUUL for having poorly manufactured e-cigarettes. The lawyers will definitely defend them now after looking at the reactions.

The entire program of quit vaping is handled by them to attract more people, it is clearly visible that the program works entirely on anonymous user’s comments and claims to have quit smoking or vaping. But the fact is that Truth never tried to involve statistics because it could go completely against them.

Truth also has a program that works with the youth to help them come over the addiction of tobacco or vaping. The program gives advice and suggestions to kids and asks for their responses. Also, they ask them to evaluate the response after a certain time span. After around 90 days, they exchange the responses and evaluate them and provide them with results. The computer program reported that as per the responses, 24.7 percent of people informed self-restraint from tobacco for over seven days.

The numbers provided by them look remarkable, but it is not a big deal. Since a lot of people who participate are looking forward to quitting tobacco, another aspect of the report is that, not every vaper vapes regularly. Some of them do it occasionally and also the credibility of the participants cannot be confirmed since it is an online program.  

Truth has also accepted how they use the psychological factor to engage the youth. Truth wrote in an article, “We positioned the program as a supportive, non-judgmental friend, with messages written in the first person or as quotes from other users.” This resulted in more people taking part in the program.

The problem with the majority of us is that we take things as face value and forget to question others. If we look at the entire scenario from a critical view, then we can question the Truth about their motive. If we remember Truth is a non-profitable organization, but they do sell their digital tobacco cessation program to businesses that work for anti-vaping campaigns. Truth has been selling their program to fund their mission to eradicate vapes.

After analyzing the digital tobacco cessation of Truth we can understand how they are using their non-profit public health foundation as a mask to cover the sale of promotional tools that drives the money-making activity. This is a case of lobbying for smoke work free spaces.

Another theory suggests this has become a business activity where people are manipulated and passively forced to use tobacco products. The quit smoking program is a tool that directs people to quit smoking, which leads them to change to vaping. The cycle thus goes on, only to make profit for Truth.

This seems like a puzzle right? An organization that is supposed to be non-profitable in nature is making profit. And the mission of eradicating vape? People who quit smoking turn to vaping. So here they are making money and diverting more people towards vaping. The name is perfect for them, Truth, as the truth behind their real mission is clear now. From a non-profit anti-vaping organization to a profit making vaping company. The Truth is here.