Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Pet owners happily accept CBD

The most remarkable moment in recent times was the addition of cannabis in medicines, especially to treat animals. The cannabis sativa plant is used as a major compound in medicine. Along with humans, animals too are following the same path and going towards the use of medical marijuana and other CBD.

It seems links everyone in the world has jumped in the CBD bandwagon, “said Leslie Riddle said, a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette who’s Yorkiepoo Puccini has benefited from its use, “Each and every one is going in the same direction, and I have been observing that every pet event I attend has CBD gifts in the goody bag. I even know some people who give CBD to their pets to cure anxiety or arthritis.
And that means big business for the humans making the stuff.

Following the Farm bill 2018, the demand for introduction of CBD in pet products has skyrocketed. The bill allowed the cultivation of hemp. This means there will be more research done on the product and the market too will see some growth. According to the Brightfield Group, the pet CBD market predicted surprising growth in the near future. The market in 2019 grew 10 times more than what it was in 2018
Earlier the products were limited to dogs only, but recently there has been an expansion in the product variety. The products are not only limited to dogs now, but they are available for cats, birds and even horses. There is a wide range of products such as treats, tinctures, mixing powders, capsules, shampoos, and topicals. The products come in various sizes too, small, medium and large, price ranging according to the size.

Dr. Zac Pilossoph, a veterinarian who serves as the chief medical officer for Consultants is worried about the lack of research done on the products, especially veterinary cannabis, due to the legal restrictions on the plant.

Although he believes that whatever amount of research done is sufficient to prove the benefits of the products. He said, “All the primary research done shows positive signs and carries the potential to benefit the animals from osteoarthritis and inflammation and seizure control.”

While the danger looms on the doctors, if they are caught prescribing any hemp or any other cannabis-derived medicine that is not approved by the FDA, then they may face legal charges by the FDA. Since this is the decision of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2019 guidelines, they suggest avoiding such medicines until the regulators sort the issue.

Meantime, vets are increasingly following the lead of dog and cat “parents” and embracing the medical applications of cannabis.
“The doctors that are unable to accept the modern medicinal trend may be a bit more hesitant to talk about this,” said Dr. Zay Satchu, who co-founded Bond Vet, a practice with offices on the Upper East Side and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. “But personally speaking, I am incredibly enthusiastic about what the world looks like and how the new medicine will change the dynamics of the medical field.”
“CBD is extremely popular and trending,” says Dr. Stephanie Liff, who helps animals at Pure Paws of Hell’s Kitchen. At the same time, she warns about the unawareness of people regarding the right products. There is a confusion of the regulatory environment, as a lot of people are randomly picking up anything at a pharmacy or smoke shop.”

Many of these over-the-counter products are suspected to have little or no CBD in them, and “therefore are almost always safe, but often ineffective.”

There have been incidents where the products purchased by the customer without any knowledge about it carries absolutely no CBD, but are also ineffective. This is a very crucial time for the industry as it has a great opportunity to grow, but it needs to go in the right direction or else it might collapse.