Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Medical Cannabis Should Be Titled Essential Service: Urges Leading Canadian Cannabis Firm

Apetition has been initiated by Aurora Cannabis – the leading Canada based cannabis firm for designating medical cannabis the title of being an essential service. Strong efforts are being made by the firm to allow the free flow of medical cannabis to those in dire need of the same. For achieving this, Aurora Cannabis has been urging the federal government to remove restrictions on its transfer.
The firm shared this knowledge through its official Twitter handle and has even urged the community to come forward and sign the petition by clicking on a link embedded in the post. The main motive of this petition is to enforce a federal designation to medical cannabis by gaining the attention of the House of Commons. Once this gains the stature of a constitutionally protected service, patients can access medical cannabis easily through government-controlled channels.

The Covid-19 pandemic has endangered the lives of numerous Canadian children, military & police, and senior citizens. Cannabis has been established as an effective cure for bringing down opioid dependency. Medical cannabis can be accessed only from licensed medical sellers through the mail. But restrictions on mail services have been hampering the free flow of medical cannabis and jeopardizing the lives of patients along the way.

Given the current state of affairs, Covid-19 can transmit at a fast pace amongst the general public. As the mail service is getting hampered in the way of infection containment, health care agencies are having to test newer alternatives for curing the same symptoms. But proper scrutinization is required before using the medicines on patients so that their lives are not risked in the process. This is going to impose extra stress on the country’s health system as they strive to save the life of thousands of infected people.
Aurora Cannabis sternly believes that once medical cannabis gets branded as an essential service, various relief operations can be aided by the federal government. This, in turn, can be of great help in fighting the war against the coronavirus pandemic. The company has been doing its part by donating N95 masks in its home province of Alberta to prepare people against this outbreak.

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