Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Is CBD vaping safe?

What is CBD? It is an abbreviation of cannabidiol. CBD is actually a compound extracted from cannabis. CBD is not much explored when it comes to a variety of questions. Also there are no regulations as such on its use, also thanks to the manufacturers who dilute the extract with oils so even if it’s risky it won’t have much effect.

Publicly speaking, CBD vape has become a trend in recent times and the cannabis extract is very popular among the youth. One of the many ways to use CBD is Vape pen. Vape pen is one of the most popular ways to get benefits of CBD. But when it comes to safety we never know what harm it does to our lungs, since there is not enough research done.

If rumors are to be believed then CBD is as harmful as tobacco, but what is the truth? We have tried to get the best answers to the frequently asked questions. We asked some experts and got their response which will be shared today in order to help you solve all your doubts about vaping CBD.

No long term research is done, avoid if you have lung disease

Jon Mitchell is a certified physician assistant and functional medicine health consultant, we approached him for some guidance on vaping CBD. Jon said, “Vape CBD is a popular way to get the benefits of CBD, It titrates the dose excellently while vaping.” He also suggests using products where ethanol or Co2 is used as a solvent. Even though he feels vaping CBD has no harm, there are some precautions he suggested. “As there is no long term research done on the product, its effects are still not anyone who is suffering from lung diseases such as asthma or COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) should completely avoid it, as it may aggravate the issues. Along with Jon Mitchell we also suggest you avoid vaping CBD if you are having any medical issues.

A shrewd shopper can make the most out of CBD vape.

Sara DeFranceso is a naturopathic doctor and a licensed acupuncturist, Sara is also the founder of Thriving Force. Sara is of the view that CBD can benefit you if you are a speculative shopper. Although she warns about vaping as it is directly involved with the throat and lungs, it could be dangerous if not consumed properly. She also suggests using products which are entirely made up of the plant, unlike other CBD isolate. Going for Co2 extraction is the best thing one could do as it is the cleanest method of processing. CBD is generally used to relieve pain, but using quality products is recommended by experts, due to the variety of products available in the market it takes shopping skills to get the right one. Choosing the correct products not only helps you get maximum benefit, but it also doesn’t burden your lungs. According to Sara, “Pairing limited vaping followed by sublingual delivery is a great strategy for those who have concerns about lung health.”

Concluding her response, we have observed that vaping CBD can be beneficial if you do it the right way. You must have done your research and should have all the knowledge about the kind of product you want. This would help you get the perfect thing and also you will not be fooled by the seller.

Vaping CBD not much recommended

The next expert we talked to is Amy Shah. Amy Shah is an M.D., integrative medicine doctor and mindbodygreen Collective member.

When most of the experts claim vape as the best way to take CBD, Amy has a disparate perspective to it. Amy believes CBD can be very effective but she doesn’t support using vape. She prefers CBD oral drops or capsules, the reason she gave for this is. “I believe CBD is a very complex thing, a lot of varieties are available and as there is no strong research done about them, it can be dangerous to experiment without having prior knowledge about it.” When it comes to vape she explains the technicality of the matter, the cartridges used in vape pens may contain chemicals such as polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol, now these chemicals can prove to be irritants and may cause allergic reactions when inhaled. Also the batteries in vape pens might just heat the CBD oil, and these chemicals can degrade, resulting in more toxic chemical generation, which are then inhaled along with the CBD.

CBD is safe, if enough research is done

Will Cole, is a mindbodygreen Collective member and a functional medicine practitioner. Will has a strong opinion about vaping CBD. CBD is very helpful for people who use it to tackle anxiety, as we see vaping has become very popular nowadays, many people prefer vaping than taking CBD orally. Although not enough research is done in this matter, we are yet to know the risks and benefits of the same. Many suggest it to be safe but only if you get your supplies from a high quality source. Will also talks about the controversial topic of metal exposure, he feels there is a lot to be studied before making such conclusions that it is injurious to our health. Will usually recommend CBD when he needs immediate results, for example severe pain or anxiety attacks.

No regulations at all  

When we talked to Jonathan Miller, who is a general counsel for the trade group US Hemp Roundtable. We were told that the current situation is awful, there are absolutely no regulations for CBD. There is a huge market for it but no one is paying attention to how it works and what it’s sold. He feels there should be proper regulations where the manufacturers should inform their customers of all the ingredients used in the product. Unlike what is happening now, where no one is aware of what they consume. He also blamed the authorities for not acting in time, as vaping is trending recently they should have some control over the production. Jonathan has also asked why no single brand, product, or ingredient has been identified as the cause of the 1,000-plus cases of vaping-associated pulmonary injury. He demands a quality test of the products before being launched into the market.

The mixture of oil

There are a lot of claims that CBD is completely natural but we all know it depends on who is manufacturing it. Some high quality products are made by well-known companies, where as local producers mix up multiple oils and sell it. They are not created equally, many of the vapes sold are diluted with oils such as medium-chain-triglyceride, or MCT. Although they claim it is safe to consume these oils, we know very little about it and hence it is still a big risk to consume such strange things.


After analysing it, we feel there is still a lot left to be studied. When it comes to health, there has to be safety first. CBD is a natural extract but the chemicals mixed in it are not. In the end, vaping CBD is safe but it needs a lot of research, hence if you are looking to use it, make sure you have enough knowledge about it.