Wed. Jul 8th, 2020


What vaping stands for?

Inhaling nicotine. Right?

Yes, you may feel awkward to think about vaping without nicotine, but nowadays, zero-nicotine vapes are getting very popular amongst the vapers. Vaping is something that entirely depends upon the choice of customers. And unsurprisingly, the choice differs man to man. That’s why over the years leading brands are producing a number of flavors to catch the consumer’s taste.

Most of the vapers consider the flavor of the juice and amount of nicotine content as their primary parameters to choose their perfect fits. And when it counts on the latter one, a broader community of vapers accepts that without nicotine, vaping is a much decent experience. But why is it more convenient to ingest the zero-nicotine vapes?


In the beginning vaping was introduced to provide a new way for fixing nicotine addiction. Now, almost 7 out of 10 vapers, as well as smokers, are trying to strike off their addiction to inhaling nicotine. But it is not so easy to completely get out of your habit in one go. It requires a long journey. So, they usually opt to continue vaping while gradually reducing nicotine content over the journey until it reaches zero.

On the other hand, the starters believe in starting from zero. They want, first to start from zero, and then over the course gradually increase the level of nicotine according to their capability of intake.


According to, it has come out that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. The rest of the concerns of the vaping lobby entirely lie in the presence of the nicotine, which amplifies your addiction.

E-juice is the main fuel for any vaping device. It contains nicotine or salt nicotine as its primary inhalable component. The typical vapes consists of the following elements,

  3. WATER

So, by vaping instead of smoking, you already ensure that you are safer than the smokers, but when you cut the Nicotine content from the typical formulation of the e-liquids, you become safer indeed.


History says that Nicotine was first extracted from the tobacco plants by Wilhelm Heinrich Posselt in 1828. But sadly, over the years, it has been used in several types of systems as an addictive drug.  Nicotine evidently damages our body functions. WebMD reports that, according to CDC, 50-60mg of nicotine is a deadly dose for a man of 150 pounds.

So, where does 0 nicotine vape stand in the context? What are the advantages of using zero-nicotine vapes?

Flavorings, water, and glycol do not promote any type of excitation to our nervous system so that we start looking after them again and again. So, if you remove nicotine from your juice, all you vape become non-addictive.

However, the FDA strictly asked every brand to label their product, whether they are potentially addictive or they contain tobacco. This law was implemented simply to dissuade people from vaping, although none of the ingredients except Nicotine are produced using tobacco. Also, the nicotine they use is made through an industrial process, not from plants.

Nonetheless, you can always be assured of the fact that your practice of inhaling zero-nicotine vapes respects the law at its fullest.


Drugs are defined as the compounds which can gradually promote physiological and psychological effects on the human body.

Nicotine is not an exception. It is classified as a toxic alkaloid, which acts as a prototypical agonist at nicotinic cholinergic receptors, where it dramatically stimulates the neurons and ultimately restricts synaptic transmission. Although the severity of the risks for consuming nicotine is not practically or experimentally proven yet, 90% of people still believe that it harms our lifestyle a lot.

So it is better to inhale nicotine free e-juices and contribute to the wellbeing of the society.


Nicotine is an odorless compound that tastes pretty bitter. When it is added in the e-juice, it dilutes the liquid resulting in a compromised level of that particular flavor. So, if you like intense flavors, you can get the better of the e-juice once you remove nicotine from the mix.

Nicotine free vaping makes you fully taste your preferred flavor without having any harsh strike in your throat while having a puff. You would feel like you are having a bite on a strawberry when you are actually inhaling the strawberry flavored juice.


Nicotine is the primary component that makes throat hits while you take a puff of your vaping mod. The bitter and harsh aftertaste that comes after you inhale the clouds is called the throat hit. The strength of this visceral effect becomes more bitter with more amount of nicotine in your e-juice, and by that time you recover from a hit, you had already missed the chance to taste the flavor.

Gradually the punchy hit on the throat becomes too much for regular vapers so that they get frustrated on their practice and opt to reduce nicotine to have more of the flavors. And once they start to vape completely nicotine-free e-juice, they can enjoy the smoothness of the flavors.

So, if you haven’t tried a nicotine-free vape yet, then get yourself ready to have a better experience.


It is evident that the less you cough while you vape, the more you enjoy. If you are a regular vaper, then you know it better, isn’t it?

The ex-smokers can give their throat a rest by switching to vaping from inhaling bitter tobacco. And in the context of the same, the nicotine-free e-juices are the best option to start with.

As this type of liquid hardly produces any throat hit, you can safely get rid of coughing, and also you can vape anytime without having any irritation.

Nicotine free e-juices are perfect for those people who still want to vape despite suffering from allergy. They don’t have to refrain from their old habit as they would have to do with cigarettes and nicotine-based vapes.


Nicotine is a toxin produced by the nightshade families of the plants to fend off predators. For humans, Nicotine is a stimulant also.

With 0 Nicotine e-juice, you don’t have to worry if the pod ends up in your child’s hands. Since all other components are consumable, ingesting that liquid won’t make them sick.

It’s always recommended to keep those e-juice devices well out of reach of young children, but you can breathe a bit easier if it goes amiss. Say goodbye to nicotine as well as to toxicity from your house.


Most of the health insurance companies conduct a nicotine test before recruiting their personnel. Most recently, out of all odds, U-Haul, a moving and storage company, strictly banned hiring any smoker. This trend is currently being prevalent all over the world, and companies are moving in this direction as they want to serve their customers clean air.

Afraid being a vaper?

As you cannot give up vaping, you also can’t compromise on your job opportunities. If you inhale nicotine or tobacco, your habit will show up on your screening test. So, if you can simply switch to 0 Nicotine vape juices, then no compromise, all gain. All it takes is just four days of your practice. Nicotine traces clear up by four days from your body, and then you are all clear to avail your job!


Well, flavors do their work perfectly to make your buds taste sweet.

If you crave for sweets every minute a day, then you might unknowingly consume an obtuse amount of sugar to satisfy yourself. But being a true vaper, you know it better, that you don’t always need a chocolate to satisfy your buds.

Vaping can help you reduce your sugar consumption so that you don’t get diabetic in the long run. You can ask your diabetic friend how e-juice flavors are helping him have a sweet taste still. Well, to do the same, you only need the taste of the flavors, not the bitterness of nicotine. So, zero-nicotine vape juices are well and indeed an option for your wellbeing.


Without Nicotine vaporizers come with a lesser price. Following the trend currently in the market, refillable Nicotine vapes are available at around $35-50, while 0 nicotine vapes sell at $15-25. According to ATHRA (Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association), it might cost you approximately $1,150 annually if you use refillable vape devices while using pods can cost you even more.

BiteXtra is currently priced at $13 per 100 mL while Vaporifi juices are at around $15-16, which are cheap enough to try.

Also, if you are a sub-ohm vaper, then you can save your money without compromising on your taste by simply mixing a 0mg/L juice with a 6mg/L juice of the same flavor. The mix would ultimately become a 3mg/L vape juice with much lesser expenditure.


Cloudchasing became popular after its alleged introduction in 2012. Now it has become so demanded that every year many competitions are being held in the US.

In 2016 The Guardian reported that new research had shown that it is not nicotine addiction; it is more the vapor tricks the teens prefer.

To compete in the Cloud Chasing, you need to produce the biggest clouds. Vegetable glycerine is the compound that makes bigger clouds. Without nicotine and with a higher concentration of VG, you can create the same.

Even if you are not a cloud chaser, the bulker clouds you form, the more you entertain yourself while vaping. It is just a coupe of vanilla cream on the cappuccino.


Being a vaper, you should always have aspired to make some O’s with the clouds. There is nothing more pleasurable than creating some perfect O’s with gradually reduced diameters in a series.

But to make the perfect O’s and get those aligned require a lot of practice. Well, it is a lot easier to produce the same with zero nicotine vape juices.

To get better in these kinds of vaping tricks, you have to inhale a massive amount of vapor while storing it in your lungs for a long time until you can gradually blow the clouds out according to your trick requirement.

So, it is highly recommended to use 0 nicotine juices to perform any trick.


You know that there doesn’t exist a single system which is full of positives. Every system has its pros and cons. Vaping devices are made to quench your thirst for clouds, but besides satisfying you, it digs the tunnel towards your death without your knowledge. When the symptoms come out, you have already been some steps ahead on your way. Although there is no confirmation that nicotine promotes any deadly disease like cancer, you should refrain from your habit of Inhaling nicotine to keep yourself safe.

CDC last updated its report on 20th FEB 2020 that a total of 2,807 hospitalized cases have been informed to them from all the 50 states of the USA, The Columbia, and the US territory, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The death toll has also risen to 68 in 29 states and the District of Columbia.

Lifestyle doesn’t matter much when life is in danger. So, now it is your turn to make a little change in your habit and live long.

Stay safe, enjoy the flavors, and chase your clouds.